The BodyMind:
A  Mentoring Community for Movement Teachers & Bodyworkers

Struggling to support your clients who are suffering from pain?
Spending your days running around, feeling stressed?
Lacking time to dedicate to your own growth and learning?
Eager to rise to the top of your game?
You are not alone.
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The BodyMind is a place to join others who are committed to their practice, to a passion for movement, to community.

What if you had? 

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What is The Bodymind?

A gathering of teachers and movement professionals is dedicated to helping you become the teacher you are meant to be.

The BodyMind is a space for movement teachers to gather for mentoring, education and peer accountability; it is a place to develop and sharpen teaching and business skills.
By joining this dynamic collective you will experience a superior level of feedback –  allowing you to grow as a teacher and movement professional.

You will deepen your awareness of your own movement patterns while enhancing your ability to facilitate your clients' progress.

Through a combination of encouragement, accountability, and community support, you'll get your questions answered about injuries, sequencing, anatomy, business practices, challenging clients, and many more areas of teaching and leadership.


What You Get With The BodyMind

-2 monthly webinars w/ Jonathan with a general Q & A focus (with topic)
-1 webinar most months with a guest speaker
-Private Facebook Group
-Private periscope community so you can go online and work  out “material” and get direct feedback.
- Email Support
- Access to training webinars for developing your online  presence and business (How to blog, how to grow an email list, how to develop products).
- An opportunity to write for the BodyMind blog.

About the Moderator
Jonathan FitzGordon is the creator of the CoreWalking Program and the Psoas Release Party! and has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years.
Jonathan is the author of the CoreWalking Blog that receives over 1 million views each year.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America and most recently VOGUE magazine. 
Growing from the experiences of teaching numerous teacher trainings he knew that he wanted to find a way to help mentor movement professionals as they navigate their way into and through the world of teaching.

If you sign up for The BodyMind today you will also get a free DVD, CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson ($5.99 s & h). 
For the first time ever you can see me working directly with a client and the results will blow you away. 

Sign Up For The BodyMind Mentoring Community and get your 1st month free ($39.95 mo)